I have worked with a few copy editors before and never was happy. Le Mot Juste is the big contrast — fantastic work, reliable, and reasonable rates. Sarah Patey is great!
(Language editing for non-native author writing in English)

[Colleague] and I were both really pleased with what you have done on these – it’s all very methodical, thorough and clear which is exactly what we need on such a busy project!
(Project manager for Macmillan Education)

Sarah is a real pleasure to work with. Not only is she adept at identifying issues in a text, she also goes the extra mile to provide helpful solutions. She is always friendly, efficient and reliable. Highly recommended!
(Content manager, KS3 French, Elektra Media)

Many thanks for your wonderful editing.
(Production editor, Carnegie Publishing)

I think we would want to say that the proof reader has quite substantially improved the quality of the text as she received it.
(Convener for Church of England report)

Your help and judicious suggestions were very much appreciated throughout.
(Project manager for Macmillan Education)

Very responsive, accurate work and punctual delivery, which has been greatly appreciated.
(Managing editor, Macmillan Education)

Sarah’s personable, efficient and can-do approach to the task of editing a lengthy and complex document made the final processes of birthing our latest report … a joy.
(Report author)

I’m so glad there is a copy-editor who actually reads carefully!
(Journal author)

Many thanks for your highly professional work. It is much appreciated.
(Journal author)

Thanks again for your hard work on this project – it definitely wouldn’t have gone so well without you.
(Hart Mcleod, project manager for major educational publisher)

Thanks for doing such an excellent job of the editing: I have never had copies back from the designer which were so error-free!
(School-book author)

I should like to ask that you and colleagues at [publisher] give serious consideration to retaining Sarah Patey [and the project management team] for the end-stages of Book 2. In thirty years of writing for [publisher], I have never encountered such able end-players … It is a better book because of them.
(Authors, Y12 French textbook)