Edit? Proofread?

It’s not always easy to assess which of these will best describe what you need. This page describes how, as a professional proofreader / editor, I can help your text to work effectively.

What we’re aiming at

A clear message: writing is one-way communication, unlike conversation. If something in your document is not clear, your reader cannot ask you about it. You know what you meant to say, but your reader may not read the same meaning in your text.

I offer a fresh pair of eyes. I will look at your document from a reader’s perspective, help ensure that it is reader-friendly and clear.

A protected reputation: once your document is printed and published, any embarrassing errors are there for all to see. As a professional editor, I use specialist techniques to check your text efficiently – protecting your bottom line as well as your reputation. 

Levels of editorial work

Editorial professionals use guidelines to scope the work needed on a text. You can find fuller descriptions in the FAQs on the CIEP website.

I can help with all the following:
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  • Proofreading: a quality check on the final version of your text. Has the typesetter / printer followed your chosen layout and design? Is everything consistent? Have any embarrassing errors slipped through this far?
  • Proof-editing: your text may be nearly ready to publish, but I can check some key points. Is it factually accurate, consistent and complete? Is it free of spelling and grammar errors?
  • Language editing: although your native language is different, you’ve written your text in English. I will ensure it reads smoothly and idiomatically, and conveys your message as you intended.
  • Copy-editing: your text is still in draft. I will ensure the language and content are appropriate for your readers; ensure that everything is present (e.g. images, captions); query anything unclear and offer solutions.
  • Development editing: you are still working on your text. I will help ensure that it achieves your objective by offering feedback on both structure and content.

I aim to make the job both simple and cost-effective for you by:

  • ensuring you establish early on what you are expecting, and how much it is likely to cost;
  • ensuring you receive clear and helpful queries if necessary;
  • ensuring any alterations are made accurately, consistently and cost-effectively.

See some examples of the difference good editing can make on the CIEP website.