The Linnets handbook

How to ‘do’ the Linnets at the CIEP conference

  1. By mid June, ask (via the Forum) for a suitable text, written to fit a tune of the writer’s choosing. Ideally you’d want to have submissions by mid-late July so you have time to put everything together.
    Important note: the tune must be out of copyright, e.g. in the public domain – or it could be specially written by someone willing to have it used for free.
  2. Recruit singers (again via the Forum) and a conductor (if you don’t want to do it yourself)
    If you’re recruiting parts it’s realistic, given our demographic, to aim for sopranos/altos/men.
  3. Once the piece is decided on, you’ll need to do a bit of editing (yay!) to present the words and the music as one document.
  4. Agree with the conference director a couple of 30-45-minute slots in the programme to hold a little rehearsal. We’ve usually used
    the time after the AGM and before supper, with the proviso that if those involved are either directors or newbies, they may only be able to attend for some of the time so that they can get to the newbies drinks
    part of the spare time before the conference dinner.
  5. Ensure that the conference director knows what kind of space you need for rehearsal. The director will have visited the venue and will have some suggestions.
  6. Send the music & words out to the volunteer singers in time for them to be able to become familiar with them before the first rehearsal.

Keyboard backup is useful (especially for rehearsal) but not essential.

If you’re planning to continue using the existing Linnets format, I’m very happy to advise, e.g., to let you have the standard messages I’ve evolved over the years.

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